Books to buy and keep 4ever

My first blog post! AH!

Despite our indecisive weather, spring has finally sprung in Glasgow. So since the sun is FINALLY out and everybody is craving a sunny holiday; I thought I’d fire out a few book suggestions – for all those who like to lie in the park pretending to look cultured and read interesting books. It’s also coming up for exam time, and my top books picks are probably those that will calm those over panicked brains floating around at the moment.

So, here it goes

Tuesdays with Morrie – If you’ve never read this; get it, read it and thank me later. And even if you’ve been made to read this in school or something, read it again; I guarantee each time you read this book it will become more and more relevant to your life. Mitch Albom writes about ‘being human,’ therefore, it applies to us all and I reckon the world would be a slightly better place if we all learnt a few things from Professor Morrie Shwartz. (I’ve read this book 5+ times, so that has got to say something!).

Marina Abramovic – Walk Through Walls – Marina’s story is something of great beauty, pain, humour and danger. Reading about somebody with such an extraordinary outlook on life is remarkable and eye-opening. Marina is a superstar performance artist, she is truly phenomenal and I’ve followed her work for years.. but whether you enjoy contemporary art or not; this read will introduce you to things you have never considered before. ‘Marina has lived like an unstoppable force of nature, with the kind of power that leaves me feeling breathless and disquieted—while at the same time profoundly impressed, awed, and inspired.’ Annie Lennox, Vanity Fair

Blue Mind (Wallace J. Nichols) – As many of you know, I’m a complete water baby and have been obsessed with the contents of this book for the entirety of my university years. The subtitle to this book is ‘The Surprising Science That Shows How Being Near, In, On, or Under Water Can Make You Happier, Healthier, More Connected, and Better at What You Do’ – it kind of speaks for itself. The term ‘Blue Mind’ has become my favourite phrase, to me it means complete satisfaction in one single moment – it’s a thing of rarity, but we all experience it from time to time. It is actually a mildly meditative state (I know I sound pretentious right now) – but its a thing of beauty and I love it! This book will explain the power of all things ocean and blue, and why being around water is so good for our brains. You will 100% want to go jump in the sea after reading this (and you’ll probably experience blue mind)!

Rona X


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