10 Things You Should Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

Back again! Therapy Clinic is now my second home… and this time I’m booking in for laser hair removal. I’d heard of laser hair removal before, but totally presumed it was something really expensive; one of those magical treatments only celebrities could afford. Well, I am delighted because that is not true! I started talking about this on my Instagram and so many girls messaged me saying this is the best treatment they have ever had… why am I so behind here? I HATE getting a wax, hate it! I am a nervous wreck every single time I book in for a hollywood… worth it? Yes… but awch!

Wether your shave your legs, under arms and bikini line; or get a wax you are always going to experience ingrown hairs, painful skin irritation, expense and hassle. Am I right? So why aren’t we all getting laser?


10 things I did not know about laser before my first appointment –

  1. It’s not really that expensive – Therapie Clinic are always running incredible laser deals, recently it was buy one area and get a second for 99p. At the moment the clinic have 70% all laser treatments, and always include free underarm.
  2. It’s not painful… at all – I really didn’t expect this – the machines used at Therapie have a chilling effect so even although medical grade laser is being zapped at your skin it feels cold! I felt a small amount of warmth towards the end of the treatment, but at no point was the laser uncomfortable, painful or hot.
  3. It only takes about 10 minutes – Obviously it depends what areas you are having done, but it is a get-in get-out treatment – can be done on your lunch break.
  4. Don’t ditch the razor quite yet – It is important to know that you need to shave prior to your appointment. The laser works by targeting the hair follicle at the route, so if there is any hair in the way it won’t work.
  5. This also means no waxing or tweezing – the hair roots need to be there under the skin in order for the laser to work.
  6. Dark hair only – Laser works by targeting the pigment in the hair, the darker the hair the more pigment. So unfortunately it doesn’t really work on blonde & ginger hair. Very annoying as I have really blonde hairs on my legs, which I have always been thankful for… until now!
  7. Stay clear of fake tan and sun beds – Anything used to darken the skin will not only be less effective for laser hair removal but could also cause skin discolouration.
  8. Expect to have multiple appointments – A course of six treatments is normally recommended – these will be spaced roughly 6 weeks apart… most people tend to start treatment in the winter to avoid having to take a break while their skin is tanned in the summer.
  9. Instant results – Although it will take over six months to be TOTALLY hair free, a significant difference should be seen after your second treatment.
  10. Do your research – Find a clinic that specialises in laser – if you’re getting this treatment you want medical grade and advanced technology lasers to be used. If you are spending money you want guaranteed results!


If this is something you are considering then I urge you to check out Therapie Clinic. They have amazing deals running at the moment within their newly opened clinics in Glasgow and Edinburgh. What do you think? Would you give it a go?

Any questions, please let me know. Leave a comment or send me a private message on Instagram.

R x

With thanks to Therapie Clinic for supporting this post – all opinions are my own.