The Skin Diary – opting for advanced skin treatments

We all have it! Skin. And despite its ability to regenerate and care for itself; without some TLC we inevitably end up with imperfections and wrinkles. It is only in the last year I have really become familiar with the importance of skin care. I had always removed my make up by scrubbing my face raw with a make up wipe and occasionally smothering myself in some thick body moisturiser. I spent hours in the sunlight (or does it only count as daylight in Scotland?) without any SPF – which is especially skin damaging when you mix salt water and water reflection into the equation.

As I started to notice bad differences in my skin (particularly after a few months in Australia – where I lived out a campervan and exposed my skin to sun every single day) I decided to invest in some good skincare products when I got home. My routine isn’t perfect, but these are the steps I am currently taking to remove my make up and clean my skin…

  • Clinique Facial Soap + warm water to remove make up
  • *Pat dry with a clean soft towel
  • If my skin feels in bad condition I then use Simple Kind to Skin creamy cleanser
  • I then cleanse my face with Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water on a cotton pad
  • Finally I moisturise with Clean & Clear Duel Action Oil-Free Moisturiser OR the Olay Complete Everyday Sunshine Moisturiser Cream with sunless tanner SPF15

I have noticed a huge difference in the last few months, my skin is far smoother and even and my complexion has improved massively. I find my make up is applied with ease and actually looks better on my face for longer. Winner! But of course I still get breakouts, and go through phases of having oily or dry skin.

The next step - advanced skin treatment

The next step for me is to get my skin in a condition where I no longer feel the need to cover blemishes with heaps of concealer and foundation. With some lengthy research into the best treatments and care I’ve decided to take it a step further than over the counter solutions. I opted for Therapie Clinic in Glasgow’s city centre – an Irish chain with a huge client following throughout the UK. The clinic is actually renowned for their world leading laser hair removal technology – but their advanced skin treatments and body treatments are apparently the best.

Appointment #1 - Consultation

I wasn’t totally confident in selecting a treatment without some advice, so I booked a consultation (which Therapie Clinic offer to all of their clients free of charge). I was met by Heiman and taken to a lovely waiting area. The clinic its self is very bright and clean, exactly what you’d hope for from an aesthetic beauty clinic. I filled out a skin consultation card which asked questions regarding my skin type, cleansing routine, problem areas, medical history and what I hoped for from my treatments. Heiman then lead my consultation session in a private room, where she talked me through the treatments they offer and what would be best suited to my skin. I felt she really listened to what I was saying and she answered all my questions and queries to the full. She was great, and very thorough. She suggested a number of treatments that would help maintain a healthy glow and improve skin texture, skin tone as well as treating rosacea and pigmentation. We decided on two facials and a derma pen (micro needling) session. Heiman was really careful to space these appointments out so that they didn’t interfere with any events I had on in the coming months as it takes a short while for the skin to heal after each treatment.

I can’t wait for my first facial – I’ll keep you posted and hopefully I will get some amazing before and after pictures to share!