It has been 8 months since I graduated from art school; and after a bit of an art snooze I’ve finally started painting and drawing again. The one thing I struggled with at uni was being pushed to create work under briefs that I wasn’t necessarily inspired by. Of course, it did teach me to work out with my comfort zone – which is important, but I usually just bent the rules so far that my artwork would fit the brief. SO, without a doubt I am REALLY enjoying working within my own boundaries, and creating work with a more enjoyable process. A lot of the work I was making in art school became heavy and bogged with emotion that probably reflected from me not being very happy – a useful release at the time, however the more I made, the more I got stuck in the bog! The difference I see in what I am doing now, is that I’m making work inspired daily by different things; whether it’s the the ocean, surfing, swimming, people, conversation, plans, memories; its refreshing to change what I work on every day. With stacks of paintings piling up all over my flat I decided to get some of them framed, partially so I can hang some of my favourites around my flat… but also with an interest in selling some pieces. So, if anyone wants to chat about buying some of my work, please please please drop me an email ( Also, check out my artist instagram @ronamcmillanartist and give it a wee follow!

IMG_4278Turns out it’s really hard to photograph art that’s already framed and behind glass! Reflection everywhere! IMG_6668These are woodcut prints taken from this drawing ^IMG_4274IMG_4276Large scale finger painting portrait – this one has taken pride position on my living room wall!IMG_4275Nude life drawings – framed as a four, and currently hanging in my kitchen!IMG_9065IMG_6659IMG_6660IMG_5135IMG_4279Currently my favourite pieces – these drawings were developments from a project I named ‘Mother and Me’. It is a personal documentation of the incredible relationship I have with my mum – this turned into a huge project for me that I worked on for six months. The worked varied from sculpture, poetry, drawing, film making and installation.IMG_0692IMG_0693IMG_0704IMG_0705IMG_8471Worry Dolls – these tiny sculptures accompanied the drawings of my mum and I in development stages of my degree show. They were really sweet, and I managed to sell most of them framed singularly on a white background at my degree show!IMG_4280After a beautiful summer of Hebridean adventures last year, I started painting the silver sands that we spent so many nights camping on. IMG_3770IMG_3791IMG_4928– and from those – I went on making more abstract pieces still reflecting elements of the ocean, surfing and swimming.IMG_2582_Facetune_18-12-2017-14-01-31IMG_2580_Facetune_18-12-2017-14-00-31IMG_2579_Facetune_18-12-2017-13-59-58IMG_2583_Facetune_18-12-2017-14-02-04IMG_2585_Facetune_18-12-2017-14-03-21And finally, some sketchbook pages – just for a nosey!IMG_2619IMG_2620


Thanks for reading!

R x



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