The World is Bigger Than Me [my favourite adventure films]

I’ve selected a few of my favourite outdoor adventure films to share with you, a mixture of low-budget pieces alongside some bigger productions. They present to us parts of the world most could only dream of visiting and the majority are shot in jaw dropping cinematic quality (which makes viewing even more enjoyable). Forget Love Island and I’m a Celeb, these babies will get you excited for life!

GIVEN Given Trailer (click to watch)
170216_052437_16744687F72F8370E55BDF7AB5GIVEN the movie is about the Goodwin Family, who are traveling around the world to discover new cultures and the beautiful mother nature. This family is on an adventure to find waves that have never been surfed before, and they’re journey is told in the most endearing way by their 6-year-old son Given. Scenes of Iceland, Ireland, Thailand, The States, Israel, Australia, Nepal, Morocco, South Africa, Peru, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, Senegal and Fiji are captured in a way you’ve never seen before. This film is inspirational and sweet – Listening to Given’s story and voice brings back childhood memories where we had little limitations and freedom to roam.

DODO’S DELIGHT Dodo’s Delight Trailer (click to watch)
Normal people, with small budgets, tackling big big climbs, and having a heap of fun along the way onboard the famous ‘Dodo’s Delight.’ Bob Shepton, the 81-year-old captain of the Dodo (who is actually from the west coast of Scotland) accompanies the madmen 400 miles across Baffin Bay in the search of un-accomplished rock climbs to tackle. The climbers and their intrepid captain relish their time together on the boat, singing and drinking and playing music. They also wrote a song, and its magnificent (it’ll be suck in your head for days)!

AN EDUCATION: A FATHER/DAUGHTER TRIP OF DISCOVERY An Education: A father/daughter trip of discovery (click to watch film)
Theres a heap of Mike Libecki films I could recommend, but this short 9min glimpse of a father/daughter adventure speaks a thousand words. Mike Libecki presents to us, an approach to parenting that is so refreshing and honest – he isn’t called ‘Rad Dad’ for nothing!
– sweetness of life
(watch some more Mike Libecki films, because they’re all awesome)

G.N.A.R G.N.A.R (click to watch film)
Snow sports? This one is for you.
G.N.A.R – Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness
What started as a game conjured up by Shane McConkey for him and his friends to play in Squaw Valley, first became a chapter in a book by Rob Gaffney called Squallywood, and then, eventually, provided the inspiration for a feature film. The game is made up of various tasks to complete while on the slope – attempting tricks naked, calling yourself out to be the best skier on the mountain, phoning your mum to say hi while skiing down a steep piste – the list goes on. McConkey liked to poke fun at the pretentiousness seen on the mountain, and so the game of G.N.A.R gives everyone a good reason to rip it up a little.

VIEW FROM A BLUE MOON View From A Blue Moon Trailer (click to watch)
There’s “surf porn” and then there’s this. Three years spent filming the worlds best waves, following John John Florence and his closest friends from his home on the North Shore of Oahu to his favorite surfing destinations around the globe. Kueny and Florence set out to make “the greatest surf film ever,” and that is what they did. Shot in the highest quality equipment, and produced to sheer beauty – my toes tingled on every turn. IT’S SO BEAUTIFUL! The next-level sound design and perfect pairing of the surfing with the music selection also makes for an amazing soundtrack to add to your Spotify beach playlist.

Rona X 

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3 thoughts on “The World is Bigger Than Me [my favourite adventure films]

  1. It’s the Dodo’s Delight, it’s the Dodo’s Delight. Shining bright and blue and bright! It’s the Dodo’s Delight 🙂 Gotta love these films 🙂

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