Kilpi UK Review / Ski Pants & Jacket

This review is not an advertisement, however Kilpi UK gifted me these items ahead of my ski trip. All opinions are my own.
Women's Nalau Hardshell Jacket

Reduced £268.82

Thumbs Up

  • Untechnical comment, but I love the colour (stands out really well in photos)
  • Longline cut meant the jacket overlapped my ski pants a considerable amount, giving me more protection from wind and snow (also good for tall people)
  • High collar helped reduce wind chill around my face
  • REALLY handy pockets. This was probably my favourite thing about this jacket. The pockets are all spacious (big enough for an iPhone+), plentiful and all seem to be in handy locations.
  • Zips were chunky enough to handle with gloves on
  • Light enough and breathable enough for ski touring
  • Ventilation zippers in the armpits were handy for ski touring, I get really hot so unzipping these areas was useful
  • Snow skirt attached to my ski pants – I didn’t use this feature but probably would if I was skiing in powder
  • Equipped with RECCO rescue system

Thumbs Down

  • Hood wasn’t big enough to go over my helmut


Women's Keki Hardshell Trousers

Reduced £219.99

Thumbs Up

  • High waist with velcro adjustment meant I didn’t have to wear a belt or braces (they do come with braces but I didn’t use them)
  • Good length, I am 5ft10″ and often find ski pants too short. These were perfect
  • Plenty moment and flexibility
  • Ventilation zippers on the thigh, I used these a number of times touring and they were a efficient cool down
  • Roomy enough for thermals underneath

Thumbs Down

  • For some reason I didn’t find these as breathable as the matching jacket, I felt pretty sweaty inside them. I tried various different base layers to try and fix the problem, but perhaps this is just a ski pant designed better for colder conditions.


Overall I was really happy skiing in Kilpi. I tested these items in spring, so wore just one thin merino layer top and bottom. The pants and jacket aren’t insulated, so if you are someone who gets cold on the mountain I’d recommend layering up underneath.

Thanks Kilpi UK for kitting me out this season.

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