Rheign Clothing Review

I first stumbled upon Rheign on Instagram a few months ago when I saw a picture of someone wearing that incredible aqua blue half-zip top (which just happens to be my favourite colour). After checking out their website I realised Rheign is in fact a really small independent company run by designer, owner and model Hazel Whatley – and all of the products are designed in Scotland. Fast forward to now… and I’m dressed head to toe in Rheign with another 7 items in my online basket!

Technical Half Zip - Pale Aqua

Since this top arrived last week I’ve worn it on three separate occasions. I wore it alone on a hill walk, I wore it as a base layer (for extra warmth) out on rescue boat duties last Sunday and I’ve worn it out for coffee – because as well as being technically brilliant for outdoor activities, it just looks really good.


Best features

  • Flexible fabric – the top has a four-way stretch system for maximum movement
  • The technical fabric is breathable and took moisture away from my skin which kept me cool while walking, and warm on the boat.
  • Quick dry formula – always handy
  • Sewn with flat-seams for anti-rub
  • Thumb holes to retain sleeve position during wear – I think this would be so handy for skiing
  • Long body and sleeves – which is such a saviour for 5ft10 me!

I ordered a size small (which would fit anyone who is a size 8-10 on top).

Also available in many other colours – Technical Half-Zips


Leggings - Grey/Aqua

I generally find leggings are not that flattering on me – I keep them for the gym and usually wear shorts or walking trousers when I’m outdoors. My other issue with leggings for the outdoors is that they stick to you when your sweaty/damp and because they’re usually made with non breathable fabric they just rub away at your skin. My point is, these leggings are made in the same fabric as the half zip so they take away that moisture from your skin – keeping you cool, dry and comfortable. And not to blow my own trumpet, but I think these are actually flattering on me.

I also got these in a size small – and they fit perfectly around the waist. They’re maybe a tiny bit short on the leg for me, but I don’t mind that at all.

Also available in lots of other lovely colours Leggings


Supersoft Crewneck - Aqua

And finally, the snuggest jumper to cosy up in post adventure. This crewneck is as it says on the tin, it really is SO soft. Fleecey inside, chunky and warm. It’s the perfect thing to put on after you’ve been out in the cold all day – you get back to the car, strip off all your damp kit and snuggle up in this. Sounds good doesn’t it?

Again I got mine in a size small – it fits perfectly and I’m thinking about ordering one in a larger size too for slouching around in. Does anyone else do this? Shop Crewnecks.


The price point for Rheign is incredibly reasonable – for a quality product from a small company I generally expect to pay a bit more, and I wouldn’t say any of these products are overpriced. I am a strong believer in ‘getting what you pay for’ as well as ‘buy less for more’ and it will last longer. Overall I am really pleased with the design and quality of my Rheign items and after wearing them this week I feel they are robust enough to last me years.

Thanks for reading - 

Rona x

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The Skin Diary – Zaynah SkinPRO


I found gold!

Don’t you love finding somewhere really great to treat yourself from time to time. I have been up north for a week, climbing hills, camping, jumping in the sea… and my face is a MESS.  You’d think all that fresh air and lack of make up would do my skin good, but it always becomes really dry from the salt and oily around my hair-line from wearing wooly hats. Delightful! So, back to the city – and in urgent need of some skin TLC I booked a Head2Toe facial with Zaynah Skin Pro. I’d seen a video of her facials using hot towels, and it looked unbelievably relaxing – so I thought I would give it a go and document the process.

What was different about Zaynah's treatment?
  • Zaynah was trained in a specialist skin clinic while living in Canada – it was reassuring to know how much of an expert she was and her passion about facial and skin care was really refreshing.
  • I received a full skin analysis – Zaynah took her time to map out my skin, she obviously asked me what my concerns were – and I told her, but I don’t really know what I’m talking about. She fully cleansed my face, then scanned my skin in detail and explained her own concerns as she went along. This was actually really informative, I learnt a lot about my own skin!
  • Zaynah used methods I’d never come across before – for example instead of using disposable sponges to cleanse my face she uses hot towels, which were as I expected SO RELAXING!
  • Totally customised to my skin, Zaynah was extremely specific when it came to product use on my skin – she even went as far as mixing two products together to ensure the ingredients were perfectly targeting my problem areas.
  • Massage too! Every single facial I’ve ever had, means being left for 20 mins at a time while the facial masque does its work… Zaynah gave me muscle melting massage from head to toe both times she applied a masque during my facial. If I’m paying for a facial that lasts 1 hour 15mins, it’s really nice to receive treatment for that whole time!


As always, I was asking a million questions during my facial – I needed to get the insider scoop for my skin diary! Here’s what I found out…

How often do you REALLY need a facial?

So I’ve heard through the grape-vine that if your going to get facial treatments, you should be getting them once a month… for 3/4 months. I took this question to Zaynah, and she explained that, yes – if you want true results from a facial it is best to book three or four at a time, with about 3/4 weeks between each one. There are two reasons for this, the first is it takes time for the skin to get used to the chemicals used in peels… so if you book three sessions, your therapists can begin with something gentle and work your skin towards the use of stronger chemicals that will give you incredible results. The second reason is that it takes 3/4 weeks for the skin cells to move through a full life cycle of cell growth to make their way from the dermis to the surface – it is important to let your skin do its thang in-between facials!

Zaynah's tips on how to get the most from your facial
  • Avoid applying make up for the rest of the day – all your pores are open and clean, so applying make up will probably clog them and lead to breakouts.
  • Avoid steam, sauna and gym – exposing freshly treated skin skin to excessive heat in a shower/sauna or working up a sweat can cause irritation, redness and breakouts (good excuse to chill with a green tea for the rest of the day)!
  • Avoid over cleansing and exfoliation – your skin is delicate after a facial, the use of harsh creams, toners and soaps could cause irritation. Leave the skin be for as long as possible to prolong the facial benefits.
Why is she trying to sell me products?

Haha, this always gets me. You’ve just had a really relaxing time getting pampered, and once it’s over you get bombarded with a sales pitch. THANKFULLY, Zaynah didn’t do this to me. I was actually the one asking about all the products being used throughout the treatment, and I got really informative answers back. At the end of the treatment I asked for some recommendations as well as ways to keep my skin glowing without having to buy lots of product, and Zaynah was really happy to advise me. So what I learnt was, good therapists aren’t trying to sell you products; they’re trying to help you get the skin you want! Try before you buy? Asking for some product samples before you spend all your ££ is a great way to test out a product before making the splash! 

How's my skin looking now?

This is my skin today (one day after treatment) and it feels incredibly smooth. It is hydrated and it has a lovely healthy glow. I am not wearing any skin makeup in this picture, so – no concealer or foundation and my skin looks really natural, plump and fresh!


Zaynah is based in a Salon on Kilmarnock Rd called Beauty in the Basement, I could not recommend her more. I’ve already booked in for another two facial treatments to keep my skin glowing for summer!

The products used on my skin for this facial were Dermalogica –


Any skin questions, send me a message on Instagram or drop me an email!

Thanks for reading

R x 




10 Things You Should Know Before Getting Laser Hair Removal

Back again! Therapy Clinic is now my second home… and this time I’m booking in for laser hair removal. I’d heard of laser hair removal before, but totally presumed it was something really expensive; one of those magical treatments only celebrities could afford. Well, I am delighted because that is not true! I started talking about this on my Instagram and so many girls messaged me saying this is the best treatment they have ever had… why am I so behind here? I HATE getting a wax, hate it! I am a nervous wreck every single time I book in for a hollywood… worth it? Yes… but awch!

Wether your shave your legs, under arms and bikini line; or get a wax you are always going to experience ingrown hairs, painful skin irritation, expense and hassle. Am I right? So why aren’t we all getting laser?


10 things I did not know about laser before my first appointment –

  1. It’s not really that expensive – Therapie Clinic are always running incredible laser deals, recently it was buy one area and get a second for 99p. At the moment the clinic have 70% all laser treatments, and always include free underarm.
  2. It’s not painful… at all – I really didn’t expect this – the machines used at Therapie have a chilling effect so even although medical grade laser is being zapped at your skin it feels cold! I felt a small amount of warmth towards the end of the treatment, but at no point was the laser uncomfortable, painful or hot.
  3. It only takes about 10 minutes – Obviously it depends what areas you are having done, but it is a get-in get-out treatment – can be done on your lunch break.
  4. Don’t ditch the razor quite yet – It is important to know that you need to shave prior to your appointment. The laser works by targeting the hair follicle at the route, so if there is any hair in the way it won’t work.
  5. This also means no waxing or tweezing – the hair roots need to be there under the skin in order for the laser to work.
  6. Dark hair only – Laser works by targeting the pigment in the hair, the darker the hair the more pigment. So unfortunately it doesn’t really work on blonde & ginger hair. Very annoying as I have really blonde hairs on my legs, which I have always been thankful for… until now!
  7. Stay clear of fake tan and sun beds – Anything used to darken the skin will not only be less effective for laser hair removal but could also cause skin discolouration.
  8. Expect to have multiple appointments – A course of six treatments is normally recommended – these will be spaced roughly 6 weeks apart… most people tend to start treatment in the winter to avoid having to take a break while their skin is tanned in the summer.
  9. Instant results – Although it will take over six months to be TOTALLY hair free, a significant difference should be seen after your second treatment.
  10. Do your research – Find a clinic that specialises in laser – if you’re getting this treatment you want medical grade and advanced technology lasers to be used. If you are spending money you want guaranteed results!


If this is something you are considering then I urge you to check out Therapie Clinic. They have amazing deals running at the moment within their newly opened clinics in Glasgow and Edinburgh. What do you think? Would you give it a go?

Any questions, please let me know. Leave a comment or send me a private message on Instagram.

R x

With thanks to Therapie Clinic for supporting this post – all opinions are my own. 




The Skin Diary – Therapie Clinic 6 months on

So, I have been visiting Therapie Clinic in Glasgow for just over 6 months now; and the improvements I have seen in my skin are remarkable… honestly! Once a month I book myself in for an Image Skincare Peel, and each time Heiman tailors the peel to target my skins needs. When I first visited Therapie Clinic back in September my skin was sun damaged and sensitive and also fairly congested after a summer of having my pours blocked with suncream. Since then my skin has really transformed… and lasted; even throughout that spell of really harsh cold weather (where the skin on the rest of my body went into shock and became irritatingly dry).

The results...

After my first facial peel I did have a few break outs, I FREAKED… because it’s rare for my skin to get spots (I have other skin problems to make up for it). But… this is a really good sign, it means the facial worked and all the impurities/toxic grossness lying under my skin surfaced.

Since then, no word of a lie – I haven’t had a single breakout. My sun damaged rose cheeks have reduced in redness dramatically – my face has a really bright glow to it at the moment and it feels healthy, plump and hydrated. Which for me, is especially unusual for this time of year.

Achievable at home?

Heiman explained that the results I have gotten from the facial peels is totally achievable at home using certain products, however the process takes a lot longer. So for fast changing results, I would defiantly recommend the facial peels. I’m writing this 6 months on, but I actually saw a huge change in my skin after the second treatment.

Therapie Clinic also recommend a skin care routine on top of your treatments for enhanced and prolonged results, which isn’t necessary – but good practice to be in. Truthfully, I suck at keeping up with this. Recently I have been wearing a lot less make up, my skin has improved so much that I don’t tend to wear foundation/concealer, which has only encouraged my lazy skincare routine. All I do is wash my face, and whack on an overnight retinol masque that Heiman recommended to me. Maybe less is more after all?

Facial cocktails - what I have had

The three main ingredients (the ingredients that really matter) that have been used on my skin are: salicylic acid, lactic acid and glycolic acid.

First step for my skin – A facial with salicylic acid – great for anyone with congestion, breakouts, acne… it is the only ingredient which dissolves sebum (oil) within the pore and is aspirin derived so it has anti-inflammatory effects.

Step two – A facial containing lactic acid. These are my favourite because they really brighten the skins appearance and make it feel soft and peachy!

Step three – Polishing off with glycolic acid! This helps to exfoliate as well as increasing your cell turnover giving more of a flawless complexion.

These skin care peels were all specifically chosen for my personal skin issues – for anyone interested, during a free consultation at Therapie Clinic your therapist will talk you through the best options for your own needs. 


Thanks for reading!

R x